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Hellow every one
Referred by SSUNEEL KUMAR  | 1 year ago
he signs are promising — hiring is on the rise, salaries and bonuses will be better this year. The future looks bright for India Inc. Have a look at hiring salary prospects of five key sectors. Auto Industry outlook: Robust growth trend expected next...
Referred by Som Ranjan  | 2 years ago
Searching for a job can be most depressing task if one is not using proper tools. Job-hunting today is tougher than it's ever been before. So how do you find a job you want? Now we all know that we have different social networking sites to help us to...
Referred by Som Ranjan  | 2 years ago
An interesting topic I have been wrangling recently is the convergence of Corporate Social Media and Corporate Social Recruiting. While the two seem to align perfectly with each other, they are proving more and more difficult to sync up. One would...
Referred by Vani  | 2 years ago